Top Motorized Cargo Tricycle Manufacturer in China: Wholesale and OEM Supply

CYCLEMIX, a leading motorized cargo tricycle Manufacturer, Supplier, and Factory in China, is proud to introduce its latest product that offers a reliable and eco-friendly solution for transporting goods.

Our motorized cargo tricycle is designed with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure durability, efficiency, and safety. The tricycle is equipped with a powerful engine that can carry heavy loads effortlessly while consuming minimal fuel. The electric version is also available for an even more environmentally friendly option.

This practical and versatile tricycle is perfect for various applications, such as deliveries, agriculture, and construction. Its compact size allows easy handling on narrow roads and can fit through congested areas.

CYCLEMIX motorized cargo tricycle is designed to meet the needs of our customers by providing a low-cost and dependable solution to their transportation needs. Contact us today to learn more about our product and discuss how it can benefit your business.
  • Introducing our latest innovation - the Motorized Cargo Tricycle! This is not your regular tricycle, designed to carry only one person, but a versatile tricycle that is ideal for carrying goods and passengers in a variety of settings. With its powerful motor, this tricycle is engineered to handle any terrain and can easily transport loads of up to 500 pounds. The Motorized Cargo Tricycle boasts a sleek and modern design, making it a perfect fit for businesses looking to enhance their brand image. Its low emissions rate makes it environmentally friendly as it helps reduce carbon footprint. Moreover, the tricycle's cost-effective nature enables small businesses to save on fuel costs, which ultimately increases their profits. Designed with safety in mind, the Motorized Cargo Tricycle features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring that you can stop the vehicle safely and efficiently, regardless of the load you're carrying. Other safety features include side reflectors and an LED headlight, making sure that you're visible to other road users during low-light conditions. Overall, the Motorized Cargo Tricycle is an excellent investment for anyone looking to transport goods or passengers, without breaking the bank. So whether you're a small business owner, a delivery driver or just someone who needs a versatile ride, the Motorized Cargo Tricycle is a great fit for you. Order yours today and experience the convenience, safety and efficiency of this revolutionary vehicle.
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